Drill – Crossing a danger area


Used when crossing a prominent and/or significant danger area where enemy contact is probable. A danger area is a small piece of terrain distinctly more open than it’s surrounding terrain; Such as a clearing in a forest, a street in an urban area, a bridge, or similar distinct feature. This type of terrain is a natural kill zone for a potential enemy to use, and is as such a concern for any unit moving across it.



  1. When a unit (such as a Patrol) encounters a danger area, that unit’s leader will signal to any other unit concerned by calling “Danger area!“.
  2. The near side of the danger area is then secured by that unit.
  3. A far side rally point is established (other side of the danger area).
  4. If the size of the unit is sufficient to cover the danger area, then the sub-unit (such as a buddy team) will move across to the other side of the danger area, secure the far side rally point and then secure the far side. This first crossing element is only intended to be a scouting element, and if there is a significant enemy presence on the far side, the preferred action would be to fall back to the near side.
  5. If there are other units which need to cross, they will then cross quickly and quietly and consolidate on the far side rally point.
  6. Once every other unit has crossed, any remaining security unit or sub-unit will cross while being covered by the far side security unit or sub-unit , rejoin the rest of the unit(s) and resume the previous mission.