Catalogue Template


Put a WARNORD (for both sides if Adv and applicable)

Or put whatever description is most suitable if that’s not a WARNORD

Meta-Mission details:


Stratis -> CO@12_Street to Street_V##_HC (Repace with your actual mission name as it appears in the mission browser)

Medical System:

‘Stock A3’ If there is no special medical system, otherwise mention what it is (such as revive or ACE).


Just type that it uses the standard Mod-line and the current date, or if there are no mods then type ‘None’ instead, or exactly which mods if it’s mods are not in the standard Mod-line.

Special Requirements:

Headless client, Game Master (Campaign or High Command) or None?

(Optional): Change Log:
  • Change
  • Change
  • Change
  • Change