Drill – Hasty Ambush


Hasty Ambush occurs when there is an enemy Soft Contact that may be unexpected, where there is still some time to prepare  an ambush. This is as opposed to an Immediate Assault, where there is no time to prepare anything.

Hasty Ambush may be used offensively to intentionally destroy an enemy that would not detect the team, or defensively to provide good security against the enemy if the team detected.




Immediate Halt

When the enemy is spotted first (soft contact) by any friendly and there is a risk that friendly forces will be imminently detected or attacked, then the order ‘Freeze!’ is given by that friendly and the entire patrol freezes immediately and awaits orders. A contact report must be provided as soon as possible after the freeze is called by using the 3Ds below by the person who called freeze or anyone else who sees the enemy in question.DTT Contact


After an Immediate Halt (usually initiated by a “Freeze!” order), if the team leader has decided to conduct a Hasty Ambush to either try and avoid the enemy and prepare an ambush as a precaution, or to destroy the enemy with the best possible chance of success, then the team leader orders the team to move either to the left or right side of the enemy’s axis of movement by ordering a “Hasty ambush left/right!“, or by giving a silent signal.

The team then moves to a position of advantage and concealment over the enemy on side specified by the team leader, preferably with cover.

The Ambush is initiated either by the enemy detecting the team (usually in a defensive Hasty Ambush) or by the Team Leader opening fire on the enemy and shouting “Fire!” (in case there is a weapon malfunction).

The drill ends when the enemy is destroyed or withdraws and the Team Leader deems it not necessary to completely destroy the enemy.