Drill – Fire and Maneuver


Once the enemy has been fixed, such as with an Immediate Assault, Hasty Ambush or Counter Ambush drills, the enemy can be finished off with the Fire and Maneuver drill. The purpose of this drill is to defeat the enemy by enabling friendly elements to maneuver to a position of advantage over the enemy.



Once the enemy has been found, fixed and it’s flanks discovered, then the friendly elements that is either; nearest to the enemy flank, nearest to a better position of advantage over the enemy or the element receiving the least, or no enemy fire (usually the rear element) becomes the maneuver element and announces to the other elements which of the following maneuvers they’re going to use and then executes it:

Flanking left or right

Also known as a single envelopment, is the most common type of maneuverer, where the maneuver-element should choose a route that masks it’s movement for as long as possible and have the enemy adequately fixed or suppressed by the base-of-fire element to allow the maneuver to be completed without interference.

Frontal Attack:

Used against a sufficiently weak or suppressed enemy position, where cover and concealment is available. This is used when there is limited time or options, and requires a very good support-by-fire position.

Once the maneuver-element approaches the enemy position, it will then shift into Fire and Movement to close with and destroy the enemy, or use attack-by-fire. If moving into the enemy position, the maneuver-element will notify the base-of-fire element to either shift or cease their fire in order to avoid fratricide.