• To enforce the rules of Zulu-Alpha and provide re-course in the event of repeated violations.
  • To provide re-course in the event of repeated violations of an SOP.





  • In the event a violation of a rule or SOP, by a person or member, a member will receive a warning (and in certain cases may be immediately suspended) and person who is not a member may be banned from all ZA assets if a member of this Office or HQ deems it appropriate.
  • If a member receives a second warning within a certain period of time of receiving the first warning (the time frame is specified by the member of this office who gave the initial warning). That member will be forced to become suspended.
  • In order for a member to become active again, that member must attend a general training event and report to a member of this office and if one is not available, a member of HQ, who will become that member’s evaluator. The evaluator can delegate the task to any other member.
  • Whether or not the suspended member in question is declared active again is solely dependent on the evaluators choice, which can be informed by any test the evaluator deems necessary, including requiring the member to attend other general training events or even to re-do selection before coming to a final decision on re-activation.
  • If the suspended member is denied re-activation, that member may appeal the decision at the following block’s general training event, or by contacting a member of HQ after the event of the initial denial.
  • If the member in question has developed a history of repeated disciplinary action being taken against them, a member of this office may ban the member in question.



Site access
  • Administrator access to the website (zulu-alpha.co.za)
  • Administrator access to the back-end (man.zulu-alpha.co.za)