Setup Guide


Before we begin, Firstly congratulations on taking the 1st step towards the Zulu-Alpha Milsim Experience, let’s begin…
We use Discord as our primary means of communication, Click here, to join our Discord and introduce yourself.


In the meantime, below is a step-by-step guide 

Install Arma 3:

  • Download, install and set up an account for Steam (if you already haven’t).
  • Purchase, download and install Arma 3 (with APEX DLC when selection is passed).

Install TeamSpeak 3:

  • Download and install TS3 (either 32-bit or 64-bit).
  • To join our TS3 server, connect to the following TS3 server:
    • roundpatty

Steam Mod-line mods:

The links below will take you to our mod-line mods. A mod-line mod is a mod which serves no other purpose than to have other mods as dependencies. This serves the purpose of making it easy to add a collection of mods with one click, but also keep that collection up to date automatically, unlike steam collections.

To use these, sign into your Steam account and click the “Subscribe” button. You will automatically be subscribed to all the required mods, which will download, install and be managed by Steam.

Optional mods can be found here:

When you start the game using the standard Arma 3 launcher, be sure to select all the mods that belong to your selected collection. These mods can also be saved into a preset for ease of use.

Prospective Member’s guides:

To see how we play and for more help on joining the community, please refer to the Prospective member’s guide.
For more information on the Zulu-Alpha esprit de corps, please refer to the Fundamentals and Vision document.

To play:

  • Make sure you are connected to the above TS server and ask someone for the game server password.
  • Go to the multiplayer screen in Arma 3 and filter for ‘Zulu-Alpha’ and join the ‘Main’ server.
    • If it takes too long to find the server, you can connect directly to our server by clicking on ‘Remote’ in the multiplayer screen and use the following server details
      • Address:
      • Port: 2302
  • When it asks you for the password, put in the password that you were told on the TS server.

Keys and controls:

  • Go here to see how to use install ACRE, our primary communication method in the game.