Custom Repository\Collection:

To download, install and run Arma 3 to our specifications (with the above mods):



  • To select the most appropriate mods for inclusion into the standard mod line, and weigh the benefits of the mods with the costs in bandwidth and setup complexity.
  • To provide, or specify a means for downloading the mods.
  • Communicate the entirety of the current standard mod line.
  • Maintain and develop in-house Zulu-Alpha Mods





  • Mod additions and removals can be done by the discretion of this office.
  • Requests for new mods, comments on existing mods and input from the community can be done in the appropriate section in the forum.
  • Mod updates\changes should only be done every Friday.
  • Large mod updates\changes should only be done on an infrequent basis.
  • Hot-fixes are exception to this schedule.
Multi-Group Uniform Pack (MGUP)
  • Uniform mods from mil-sim groups we commonly play with are added to this mod folder when appropriate.
  • To be added, the mod must be approximately 20Mb or less.
  • Be of limited scope, i.e: restricted to uniform skins and appropriate unit configs.



  • Special Server