Unit Movement


This is used to maximize travel speed. All elements move together and maintain small distances between each other.

  • Used when enemy contact is not likely and speed is necessary
  • Distance between individuals: 10m
  • Distance between teams: 20m
  • Minimum dispersion
  • Maximum speed
  • Minimum security


Traveling Overwatch

This is a technique used to travel, at medium speed across country. One Patrol (Alpha-1) moves in advance of another (Alpha-2). The distance between them is roughly 50 meters. If Alpha-1 encounters enemy, Apha-2 is ideally positioned to either a) Cover Alpha-1’s retreat or b) Come to Alpha-1’s aid by either moving up, or flanking the enemy.

  • Used when enemy contact is possible
  • Distance between individuals: 20m
  • Distance between teams: 50m
  • Good dispersion
  • Good speed
  • Good forward security


Bounding Overwatch

Bounding overwatch is a slow but relatively safe way of advancing in dangerous areas. The technique can be used at any level of unit size, but is ideal for Patrol sized units. Simply put, one Patrol (Alpha-1) sets up in a position overwatching the route of the bounding element. The distance or time that Alpha-2 moves, is dictated by the terrain. The bounding team needs to stay within the overwatch area. This usually means that the bounding team will move only short distances in urban areas. Typically
Bounding can be done in two ways: Successive and Alternating. Successive Bounding sees the overwatching team draw level with the bounding team before the next bound, and Alternating sees the overwatching team becoming the bounding team and passing the now overwatching team.

  • Used when enemy contact is likely or when crossing a danger area
  • Distance between individuals: 20m
  • Distance between teams: Various
  • Maximum dispersion
  • Minimum speed
  • Maximum security