Drill – Fire and Movement


Fire and Movement happens naturally and automatically when fire is exchanged at close range with the enemy and/or who’s fire is effective. It is used on the low, Patrol tactical level, between buddy teams, and between individual buddies.

This usually happens as a natural conclusion of Fire and Maneuver, when the Maneuver element is closing with the enemy and cover from the base-of-fire element is no longer as effective in comparison to the enemy fire or is no longer possible due to the position of the Maneuver element or its proximity to the enemy, or even where there is no base-of-fire element available, where the Maneuver element for whatever reason is fighting in isolation.

It is completed when the enemy is destroyed or withdraws.



When movement becomes, difficult or very hazardous due to enemy fire or proximity, Fire and Movement is then executed naturally and not usually called for. There is no specific procedure for it, as exactly what is performed depends on the terrain, the enemy and other unforeseen factors.

The basic principles are that individuals move with measured aggressiveness, always covering one another while advancing against the enemy by using Bounding Overwatch between buddies or buddy teams, with individuals always using sound judgment and Individual Movement principles when moving between cover and utilizing The Rush, including between buddy teams, otherwise known as the Buddy Rush.

If this is used when covering the final hundred or so meters to a compound, the drill ends when the compound or a building is reached. Then the appropriate CQC drill is initiated.