• To develop and teach (when requested) the ZA Doctrine and Tactics Training (DTT) and its associated drills
  • To produce, schedule and invigilate selection events
  • To manage the General training events and allow the use of those events by the other offices where applicable.
  • To develop and maintain the ZA Drill Grounds training mission(s)





  • A prospective member must start by signing up for the next selection event.
  • That prospective member must then complete all three parts of selection (part 1, part 2, part 3), held on separate days, in order to pass selection.
  • Once a prospective member has completed all three parts of selection, that person will be notified whether or not he/she passed selection.
  • If that prospective member passed selection, he/she will be granted the rank of Candidate and be allowed to participate in the ZA DTT program.
  • If that prospective member failed one, or more parts of selection, or failed to attend a part of selection, that member may be allowed to attempt those failed or missed parts again.
  • Selection is usually held once every 2 months.
  • The selection DS (directing staff) are ZA members who run or assist in running and organizing selection events.
  • The selection DS are volunteers selected by members of this office and should be (but not necessarily are) Team leaders.


ZA DTT (Doctrine and Tactics Training)
  • The DTT are the tactics, techniques and procedures of ZA, defined in documents in the DTT section of this site, with aspects of them defined , taught and tested in terms of Drills.
  • Each Drill has documentation explaining it, and an associated drill course on the ZA Drill Grounds training mission(s) on the play servers by which knowledge of those drills, and by extension the DTT are tested.
  • To become a Private (and thus a full fledged member) a Candidate must first attend an indoctrination session at a General Training event or scheduled at another time and then complete training by going:
    • Through Probationary Team:
      • The Candidate must join a probationary team
      • Once that Candidate has gained enough experience and knowledge of the DTT, then the Team’s leader will propose to this office the promotion of the Candidate.
  • Once done, the Candidate will then be promoted to Private and become a full fledged member of Zulu-Alpha.


Ongoing Evaluation
  • At each General training event, teams will be evaluated on their ability at one ore more drills. Which drill(s) may be kept a surprise, or announced in advance.
  • The evaluations can be done by a member of this office, or a member of HQ.
  • There are three possible grades that can be awarded for each evaluation: Fail, Pass, Excellent.
  • Each grade will be recorded and used to generate a metric for measuring average performance, used by the Organizational Office.
  • Candidates and inactive members (due to poor attendance or disciplinary measures) may not interfere with the evaluation of a team, and may only join a team for personal training/evaluation once that team’s evaluation is complete.



  • The ZA DTT and all its associated pages.

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