Individual Movement


  • NEVER: allow yourself to be seen in silhouette, and keep low at all times.
  • Avoid open spaces.
  • Select your next position in cover before you make your move.
  • Hide your movement any way you can.
  • Move fast and in small bounds (see “The Rush”).
  • Stay clear of covering fire.
  • Be alert and ready for anything.
  • Always stay in sight/sound of your FTL.
  • ALWAYS: “Cover your sector. 360° security is needed at all times. This means that with
    a Patrol of four, every person should be observing/covering a different area. Good
    security means that your team is that much less likely to be surprised by the enemy, and
    thus is going to survive longer in combat. When halted, ensure that somebody is paying
    attention to rear security as well. If nobody else is, take it upon yourself to do so – your
    team will thank you later. ” – TTP2
  • When bounding, one can time the bound by repeating “I am up, he sees me, I am
    down.”. This represents the time it takes for an enemy to spot and aim at you as you



  • When your route has good cover and concealment.
  • When the terrain is only suitable for crawling.


The Rush

  • The Dash between prone and cover positions.
  • When forced to cross open areas.
  • When time is critical.
  • Use to time a rush: “I am up, he sees me, I am down”.