• Administrate and moderate the usage of all the game servers and the TS server.





  • Only ZA members (active members take precedent over inactive ones) are allowed at events or ad-hoc games, unless an exception is made by the event organizer(s), a member of HQ, a member of this office, or if there are no objections among the participants (players) of the ad-hoc game.
  • Mission critical assets should be used by people competent in their operation.
  • Players must not be negligent with their equipment.
  • Use of enemy assets is restricted unless their use is ordered by the CO.
  • Players seen as disruptive by the CO may be removed by a member of this office at the request of the CO.
  • Players must not discharge weapons in a start area\parade grounds.
  • If the game is a scheduled event, players must join the server on time, otherwise they will not be allowed access.
  • A Commanding Officer (CO) should be selected by the participants of a mission before it’s start.
  • A member of this office may override the selected CO.
  • A CO is expected to provide a tactical and coherent plan.
  • Players are required to be responsive, both vocally and in action when in game.
  • A Player must cease any unnecessary communication when requested to do so by another player.
  • When using TFAR, Players may listen to enemy communication.
  • Text chat (not provided by TFAR) is only to be used for meta gaming purposes.
  • Direct chat, vehicle chat or text chat provided by TFAR are permitted (as these channels do not undermine the purpose of TFAR).


Proper planning and organization for General Missions
  • A CO should be decided upon for a General mission well in advance and announced at least 4 days before the mission start time (Wednesday for a Sunday game) in the thread for the scheduled event.
  • An OPORD (Operational Order. Template given in link) should be written and be given to an O-Group (all Team Leaders) who will participate in the mission and posted in the thread at least 3 days before the mission start (Thursday for a Sunday game).
  • Members of the O-Group must then formally acknowledge that the OPORD has been read.
  • All players who want to participate must sign up in the event’s thread before mission start, otherwise they will not be allowed access.
  • The OPORD will then be re-capped before the mission start on the day of the mission to all participating players.


  • Players who die can only rejoin the mission in waves.
  • The number of waves allowed is determined by the mission maker, otherwise 2.
  • Each player can only participate in a wave once.
  • The CO calls in the reinforcement waves.
  • The CO should only call in the waves when there is a lull in the fighting or a logical window for resupply and rearm.




Gameplay Discussion