Account Balance:

The following amount is the amount due for the next bill (usually the 2nd of very month).


Account details for donations:
  • Standard Bank
  • Mr Adam Piskorski
  • 10039796238 (Transactional Account)
  • Northcliff (051001)
  • Swift: SBZAZAJJ



Account Manager

Game server

Hetzner 2Lt Phoenix Monthly R 998

Bank Charges

Standard Bank 2Lt Phoenix Per transaction R 5.50

Domain Name

Hetzner 2Lt Phoenix Annual R 79.00

Non-payment cost

Standard Bank 2Lt Phoenix Per failed transaction R 16.00

Handling fee

Hetzner 2Lt Phoenix Per failed transaction R 50.00




  • To manage the financial account(s) of this group (Zulu-Alpha) and make payments on time.
  • To provide a means for members to donate to the group’s financial account(s).
  • To be transparent, by publishing expenses and balances, and providing any other information requested by a member.





  • All donations to the account specified on this page and all existing funds are only used to pay for costs specified on this page and nothing more.
  • This is a non-profit group, and as such all funds are solely spent on costs.
  • The balance of the account(s) should be displayed on this page and regularly updated.
  • All new purchases of goods or services (expenses) (not including existing recurring payments) are to be discussed in this office’s forum (see Assets) before a transaction is made.
  • If there is an agreement by the majority of those involved in the discussion, then those new expense(s) are allowed.
  • Donations of goods or services  to this group are accepted.
  • Tax invoices can be produced on request.
  • Enough money for 2 months worth of expenses should be kept in the account at all times.


Assets (administrative):

  • Access Account with Standard bank (owned by 2Lt Phoenix)