Op Enduring Liberty – WARNORD

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Scheduled for Sunday the 13th of March



Situation Time: 05:45 hrs

Lighting: Half Moon, First light at 05:55 hrs

Weather: Unlimited Visibility

Operation Enduring Liberty has begun, an operation in which the province of FATA is to be liberated from the Taliban with the Northern Alliance leading the effort to do so. Coalition forces are to be light on the ground and will be in a primarily supporting and command role.



A. Enemy Forces: The Taliban forces consist of approximately company level strength of irregular infantry supported by old soviet era armored vehicles like BRDMs, a few tanks such as T-55s, technicals and other motorized vehicles with mounted weapons such as truck mounted ZU-23s.

The Taliban is located South of 08 Northing, have prepared defenses, are concentrated in the towns and have active patrols and camps in the region. The main focal points of their defenses are along MSR Rohan, particularly at OBJs Isengard and Mordor.

They have access to a small amount of MANPADs and ATGMs left over from previous wars.



OP Deadlight – WARNORD

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Scheduled for Sunday the 6th of March 2016



Situation Time: 17:30 hrs

Lighting: Last light at 19:30 hrs

Weather: Unlimited Visibility, Partly Cloudy

After a successful 2-week campaign on Bystrica, Zulu-Alpha returns to Altis for some well deserved R&R. What could be more relaxing than motorized patrols on a recently liberated island paradise.

There have been been several months of peace on Altis after an attempted coup by FIA rebels wishing to make the island an independent state. This after severe political tensions in Greece due to the current refugee crisis in the EU.
We have received some unconfirmed civilian reports of small groups of FIA forces in the North-East of Altis. We have maintained and intensified patrols to try to confirm these reports but as of yet we have found nothing.

Dragon 2, 8-men strong, was dispatched to patrol the main road to the town of Oreokastro at 12h00 today.

Dragon Actual received last communication with Dragon 2 at 14h00, and they have since missed two check-in windows.

For now we are under the assumption that the heavy mountainous terrain is interfering with radio communications, and that Dragon 2 has undertaken some unsanctioned leisure time in the famous tavern in Oreokastro as they did on last week’s patrol.

Dragon 1 is to follow the original patrol route and recover Dragon 2 for debrief and PT.

We have a UH-60M on standby should the need arise, however HQ has requested we save fuel where possible due to budget cuts.

Dragon 2’s Intended Patrol Route


Op Pushing Through – WARNORD

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Scheduled for Sunday the 28th Feb



Situation Time: 19:00 hrs

Lighting: Last light at 20:25 hrs

Weather: Clear, 2Km Visibility

After the success of OPERATION NEPTUNE and destroying any AA threat, Nato had made landfall and have successfully started pushing Russian resistance fighters back to the south west. RRF have withdrawn to Bystra with its remaining forces. In the last week, small skirmishes have been fought in the area around the city as NATO have been maneuvering its forces further North West to prepare for its final assault on Bystra.

Ranger Group Zulu-Alpha is currently station in Lukka as a QRF


Migrating to new site and communication platform

We are migrating over to Slack from Skype as our primary communication platform.

In order to be invited to the Slack team chat, please sign onto the new site that is under development: https://srv2.zulu-alpha.co.za/. You sign in with your steam account and as soon as an office member assigns you a rank, you will automatically be invited to the slack group.

Slack will also replace our forum with the exception of missions and selection.