Welcome to Zulu-Alpha

South Africa Arma3 milsim group

Setup Guide


Before we begin, Firstly congratulations on taking the 1st step towards the Zulu-Alpha Milsim Experience, let’s begin…
We use Discord as our primary means of communication, Click here, to join our Discord and introduce yourself.


In the Meantime, Below is a step by step guide 

Install Arma 3:

  • Download, install and set up an account for Steam (if you already haven’t).
  • Purchase, download and install Arma 3 (with APEX DLC when selection is passed).

Install TeamSpeak 3:

  • Download and install TS3 (either 32-bit or 64-bit).
  • To join our TS3 server, connect to the following TS3 server:
    • srv1.zulu-alpha.co.za
    • roundpatty

Steam collection:


Prospective Member’s guide:

To see how we play and for more help on joining the community, please refer to the Prospective member’s guide.

To play:

  • Make sure you are connected to the above TS server and ask someone for the game server password.
  • Go to the multiplayer screen in Arma 3 and filter for ‘Zulu-Alpha’ and join the ‘Main’ server.
    • If it takes too long to find the server, you can connect directly to our server by clicking on ‘Remote’ in the multiplayer screen and use the following server details
      • Address: srv1.zulu-alpha.co.za
      • Port: 2302
  • When it asks you for the password, put in the password that you were told on the TS server.


Keys and controls:

  • Go here to see how to use install ACRE, our primary communication method in the game.