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stamina issue

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    Hi Guys.
    I have an issue I didn’t experience before. (I messed around with sticky keys)

    no matter what I do, my stamina will never regenerate. its as if I have the run button permanently pressed.
    I’ve turned on/off sticky keys in windows settings etc.
    I didn’t have the problem before (before messing with the OS sticky key settings) and now I cant seem to fix the problem.

    Its getting to a point where the game is unplayable due to this issue of stamina lasting for 2 mins and never regenerating, even if I take a knee or stop moving.
    Any suggestions/advice will be appreciated.




    Guys, I really need some help or suggestions with this issue. its a game killer



    hi, i know some of these might sound obvious or you tried them already, but just a couple of thoughts i hope might help:

    1) have you tried to change your different speeds of runnning (ctrl-c by default to change between walk and run) or tactical speed (2 x c key)?
    2) is sticky keys completely disabled now?
    3) any difference trying with or without mods?
    4) my sticky keys usually activate with Shift press, and shift is also my sprinting key. Perhaps try to map your sprint key to another to check for any difference?
    5) goto controls options and reset to defaults?
    6) if none of the above work, try uninstalling and fresh installing the game?




    On what mission are you testing this and have you tested the modline on our server yet?




    If you can come on tonight or tomorrow night before training, then we can try and debug the problem. We have a tool to analyze what is hapenning with the stamina.



    Hi Guys. Thanks for the replies.
    @Shaki. I haven’t went that far. I think before anything I will try that.
    @wolf. Doesn’t matter. In the Campaign missions, training exercises, doesn’t matter. even if I walk at tactical speed, its as if I am still sprinting, the guy starts breathing heavy when the stamina is totally depleted, gets read and black outs from there on in.
    I cant even finish the 1st training obstacle course. 1 min, and my guy is “moeg” and useless.

    @Phoenix. Thanks man. but I think a fresh install will probably be best. Lets see.
    I think I must try a fresh install.
    Will it be a lot of DL again? I don’t mind, my line is 20mb uncapped. its just a bit of a “schlep”
    I’m only going to DL the basics that ZA requires. none of the other Workshop stuff.

    Thanks for getting back to me gyus



    i hope you get up and running soon, then we can get our Selection scheduled 😀



    Will all be done by later this evening already



    Just another quick question.
    Should I delete my user profile folders as well (under documents)
    If I am not mistaken, controls are found under there.
    Maybe I should try by just deleting the player profile under documents, only loading the mods used by ZA, and give it another go.
    Gonna try that before uninstalling (and deleting the whole profile/saved game folder under Documents(



    Deleted profile. problem gone. only running ZA mods



    Okay that is good news,

    In the Arma 3 launcher you can have presets of mods. I have 2 sets one Zulu-Alpha Main and one Personal.

    This way I can quikly change between what I want when I’m playing with friends and what I need on Official nights.

    Hope this helps as well.

    Good luck on Selection.



    Thx Africa

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