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    If you’re interested in joining Zulu-Alpha and eventually becoming a member of a group which executes missions with well-oiled teams of operators, you’ll need to sign up here for selection first. Once you’ve made it through the three selection phases, you’ll then undergo the ZA training program, or DTT, after which you will be considered a fully qualified ZA Member. That’s when the fun begins. And once you’re ready to join one of the dedicated teams, then the action starts for real.

    We will proceed with scheduling the first phase of selection once we have 4 or more (idealy 6) people express interest here. The other phases will be scheduled afterward, most probably on the same day of the week in the following week, but discussion of all three phases for this class is discussed here.

    Please Note: As a ZA Candidate and Member, you are expected to behave in a disciplined fashion, adhere to a set of specific rules, and maintain sufficient attendance at the General Events.

    You will only need the Main-Lite Mod Repo for Selection.

    Getting Started Guide:
    Getting Started Webpage:



    Sign ups are now done on our discord in the #registration channel. Please use this link to join our Discord in order to register:



    NateRSA retry selection



    @natersa, please register via the #registration channel in the selection category in our Discord team as stated above. You can join our team by using the following link:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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