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    Hi guys!

    Please express your interest in joining the ZA Rotatry Wing!
    There will be a 2 phase process:

    There will be a selection course, that you can attempt as many times as you need even in your own time. The purpose of this selection course is to make sure you guys develop the basic skills and memory muscle necessary for the high degree of flying skill that we are looking for. The DSs (just me for now) can help and train you and assist you and in combination with the practice that you do in the own time, once you are ready, just let me know in Skype and we’ll do the exam.

    The second phase will be the proper training, that will focus on flight planning, flight techniques, threat analysis and real world flight missions. Then there will be a final exam that resembles a series of real world missions with real threats that require you to plan and execute them from scratch on your own.

    Ozzy, even though you are well into the training process, please sign up here regardless. The same thing with deadreply.

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    I am very much interested, hopefully a better internet connection can be sorted to allow for ‘safer’ flying.

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    I have a question. Can I do this as a standby pilot. i.e. in the event we are short a pilot?

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    Thats ok

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    I would like to give it a go, knowI am takng a little step back but this is something that I have wanted to do for some time

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