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    Scheduled for Sunday 12 July 2020

    Situation Time: 17:00PM
    Lighting: Almost Sunset : 18:30PM
    Weather: Approaching Raining season, some low-level medium fog, Visibility moderate. Expected to clear Approaching night time

    With the killing of the Takistani Army commander “Ali-Abed-Mugammed” in Operation Knee Deep” last week. The US intel confiscated his laptop to decrypt for any further intel.

    The destruction of the Taskitani Army within the town has seen the up rise by the Militia by means of a power grab and have formed ranks and a formidable force within their reserve units that completely missed the fight due to them being called by the commander away from the pond only to be picking up the scraps left by Zulu-Alpha within the town. Intel has pieced together that the messenger was carrying a message to the pond, after a small note on the laptop was deciphered.

                “Meet me at the Walada, i’ll pay you from me Personal Stash”

    HQ and intel expect that the militia will move onto the town, which fortunately is in close proximity to Zulu-Alpha makeshift base, to collect their pay. HQ through the recommendation of Intel, suggest we should use this town as an ambush point. Intel has no further information on the hidden cash stash or if it is real. Seeing that the only tangible name intel has over the last weeks is “Abu-LayyedaBomb” HQ suggest that he is propably the highest ranking official within the Militia and most likely the followed one, their perceived leader.

    AO Operation Waist Deep

    To gain exponential trust from the Militia Abu-Layyedabomb will most likely push his forces into Walala in portions in smaller numbers for him to secure the town before moving in himself and start paying them. His bulk of his forces is likely to arrive after a while after he confirms the money is there.


    HQ wants to perform a serious of raids and ambushes to create the perfect killzone.

    Thermal imaging shows multiple groups of infantry far south en-route to Walala.

    A. Enemy Forces:

    Takistan Militia South of Walala.

    B. Friendly Forces:
    Zulu-Alpha is located at a makeshift FOB, in remote town with zero infrastructure support of military nature

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment. Resupply crates.

    2) Surveillance: None

    3) Ground Vehicles: None

    4) Fixed Wing: None

    5) Rotary Wing: None

    6) Naval: None

    Other friendly forces: None

    C. Civilian Presence: Some

    2. Mission

    1. Perform a quick raid and determine if Cash is available.
    2. Set up explosive and ambush points in such a way not to alert any Militia until PID is confirmed on Abu-Layyedabomb and at the cash.
    3.  Confirm HVT killed.

    3. General Instructions

    Dispose of any bodies before the militia arrive. Do not alert the town until Abu-Layyedabomb is there.
    Extract all civilians from town before ambush starts.

    4. Specific Instructions


    Meta-Mission details:

    Kujari-> co@16_Operation WaistDeep_v1.#.#
    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy. Re-spawn at hospital FOB
    Special Mods:

    Special Requirements:


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