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    Scheduled for Sunday 7 October 2018



    Situation Time: 05:40L

    Lighting: Sunrise

    Weather: High visibility, partly cloudy

    The Cheranrusian Defence Force (CDF) is being advised and supported by the US in their fight against the separatist movement known as the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ). The CDF forces in your sector have recently suffered a major defeat in their last attack yesterday and have suffered major casualties.

    The CDF has fallen back to defensive positions behind the river in your area and the ChDKZ are expected to be preparing a counter-attack in order to capture key tactical positions on our side of the river in order to allow further progress into CDF territory.

    You have been tasked with supporting the remaining CDF forces in your sector by helping them defend their respective objectives, codenamed Rain, Storm, Thunder, Lightning.



    A. Enemy Forces:

    The ChDKZ are able to attack with 2 companies, one motorized and one infantry. The companies took casualties from yesterdays hostilities, but are expected to be reinforced in preparation for the attack, so their exact composition is unknown, the CDF has not claimed to have destroyed any of their mortars, so they should still have them and had sighted a T-72 and several BRDMs moving to staging areas during the night.

    The ChDKZ are expected to attack soon with probing attacks all along the front line as is their standard tactics, with the main attack to follow later, however, we do not know where it will be concentrated.



    B. Friendly Forces:

    There is an under-strength CDF infantry platoon at each of the 4 objectives: Hammer at Obj Rain, Anvil at Obj Storm, Mace at Obj Thunder and Spear at Obj Lightning.

    Hammer, Anvil and Spear still have mortar detachments and each platoon has 2 HMGs setup in key locations.

    Zulu-Alpha is located in FOB Tornado in the back.


    1) Equipment: Standard equipment.

    2) Surveillance: None

    3) Ground Vehicles: 1x Mk19 HMMWV, 1x Truck, 1x transport HMMWV, 1x M2 HMMWV that is damaged from yesterdays operation and needs to be repaired if to be used.

    4) Fixed Wing: None

    5) Rotary Wing: None

    6) Naval: None

    Other friendly forces: None

    C. Civilian Presence: The have evacuated from the front lines.

    2. Mission

    1. Prevent the ChDKZ from occupying objectives Rain, Storm, Thunder or Lightning.
    2. Prevent the CDF from being overrun


    3. Execution

    1. Act as a QRF in order to assist the CDF forces where needed. They will report their contacts on Long Range Channel 1.
    2. It is recommended to stay mobile in order to adapt to the ongoing enemy attack.
    3. Avoid crossing too pas the river and into enemy territory
    4. Minimize friendly casualties.
    5. Objectives Storm and Thunder
      Objectives Storm and Thunder
      Objective Rain
      Objective Rain
      Objectives Lightning and Thunder
      Objectives Lightning and Thunder


    4. Service and Support




    Medical facility at the FOB


    ZA Handles Logistics internally. Repair truck and stationary fuel bladder at the FOB.

    5. Command and Signal






    LR Channel 1 is to be listened on by all units in order to report enemy sightings.

    Meta-Mission details:


    Inhantla -> co@12_Operation Sovereign Shield_v1.#.#

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:

    Have a 152 or 117 on channel 1 in order to hear comms from CDF units.

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