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    Scheduled for Sunday 13 March 2020


    Situation Time: 12:30PM

    Lighting: Daylight

    Weather: Clear

    Terrain: Relatively flat with pockets of micro-terrain movements. With stretches of a medium-density jungle for several kilometres. Terrain remains 70% arid desert and several rocks.

    NATO and UN recently started to shown interest in Kujari and with the Capture of Solomandi proved vital as interrogations have reveal a cluster of IED factories and Infantry training camps. Eleven of them to be exact all in close proximity of one another and within striking distance of each other.


    The US begged and then harassed the UN to use deadly M.O.A.B. upon these camps. UN condemned this due to the inevitable and unaccounted loss of Civilian life.

    In the same instances some our allied British Soldiers started to join the fight but are rested this mission. However the British was generous enough to borrow ZA their Jackals Land Utility Vehicles. The US engineers are currently servicing their own Assets and unavailable for this operation.

    Jackals 11 pax


    The Intel suggest that Cache’s and Infantry are scattered through-out the AO and HQ deems it impossible to destroy all objectives but wants to dent the insurgent’s operation by at-least 70%.

    A. Enemy Forces: Islamic State scattered throughout the AO.

    B. Friendly Forces:

    Zulu-Alpha is on situated at the Main Base.

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment.

    2) Surveillance: None

    3) Ground Vehicles: 3x Jackals, 1x RG32 CM Command Vehicle, 1x Hemmt Medical truck, 1x Repair Truck

    4) Fixed Wing: None

    5) Rotary Wing: None

    6) Naval: None

    Other friendly forces: None

    C. Civilian Presence: Unknown

    2. Mission

    1. Destroy Cache’s and Infantry camps throughout the AO.
    2. Investigate all 11 possible objectives.

    3. General Instructions


    4. Specific Instructions


    Meta-Mission details:


    Kujari-> co@12_Operation SilverEdge_v1.#.#

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy.

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:


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