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    Scheduled for Sunday the 17th of July

    Campaign WARNORD:


    Tanoa was an Illiberal democracy ruled by the Sabau ethnic minority supported by US based Barrick Gold mining companies, one of the largest in the world. Barrick Gold had exclusive mineral rights to Tanoa’s relatively large gold and rare earth metal reserves and in turn helped the Sabau stay in power and develop the country.

    In the past week, the People’s Republic Party (PRP), a left wing marxist populist party with an armed militia wing, the PRP Militia (PRPM), led by Taito Sitiven, led a military coup that had popular support in Georgetown, the capital of Tanoa, with the objective of dismantling the power of the Sabau and nationalizing Tanoa’s mining industry.

    The Tanoan Army, which is a well trained and equipped military force with it’s own political objectives and power, supported the coup as it saw the position of the Sabau as untenable and and the political momentum of the PRP as overwhelming. The Army also supported the coup on the condition that Taito Sitiven is seen as the head of the new republican government and sees the Tanoan Army as the official military power of tanoa, thus restricting the PRPM to the political sidelines, a compromise that Taito Sitiven has had to make to maintain power.

    This compromise was also necessary to keep ethnic tensions in check, as the PRP is predominantly made up of the Bele ethnic group, which is the largest ethnic group and Taito’s ethnicity and thus the other ethnic groups are weary of having another single ethnic group in power and so demanded a neutral government and military.

    However the Bele and thus most members of the PRP demand retribution against the Sabau and to make sure that they don’t regain power, which has lead to fears of ethnic cleansing. Taito does not want to be seen as committing an ethnic cleansing while holding the position of president of the republic and commander of the Army in order to avoid appearing to prefer the desires of one ethnic group over the welfare of the country and so cannot use the Army to enact retribution, however elements of the PRPM may act on their own if they see an opportunity.

    During the uprising, Taito detained all US citizen that didn’t manage to escape Tanoa before the uprising, most of whom happen to be employed by Barrick gold, in order to appease his party’s hardliners and use them as bargaining chips. As such those US citizens may be used as hostages and as free publicity in kangaroo courts.

    To summarize, Taito is in control of an island, where he is barely keeping a lid on ethnic tensions that could explode into open tribal warfare and genocide, he is balancing the military ambitions of the official Army and the unofficial militia of his own party and all while holding US citizens hostage that he may execute with the aim of refocusing local tensions onto an external threat.


    The Tanoan Army is a standing army that is western trained and equipped. It is made up of a single mixed, self supported battalion of approximately 400 men, comprised of:

    • A tank company (2 platoons of 4x Leopard 2SGs each and 1 cavalry platoon of 4x FV510 Warriors) .
    • 2 motorised infantry companies.
    • A mechanized infantry company (using 4x Pandur II IFVs and 8x M113A3 APCs).
    • A helicopter transport company (8x AW159 Wildcats and 4x AW101 Merlins) .
    • A single Attack helicopter platoon (4x AH1Z Cobras).
    • An artillery battery (4x M270 MLRS).
    • A logistical company of about 20 trucks of various kinds. predominantly trucks.

    The Army also has under it a tiny navy of about 12 Assault boats and a tiny air force of 4x L39ZAs and 2x C-130Js.

    The Tanoan Army is loyal to it’s Generals and the generals are under the command of Taito for the moment. The goal of the Army is to keep the country stable and be seen as a strong political power in the eyes of the people. It will therefore want to avoid open tribal warfare and open warfare with the US, but is still willing to defend the country’s pride by resisting perceived US aggression.

    The Tanoan Army is spread out across all of Tanoa, trying to keep law and order after the coup and prevent tribal warfare. They therefore cannot focus all of their strength in one area. Their main base of operation is the North West island, where Tuvanaka Airbase is situated.

    The PRPM is a relatively unorganized militia that only has access to black market arms such as AK-47s and RPGs and civilian vehicles for transport. They are loyal to their party and are not associated with the Army in any way, as the Army does not want to legitimize the PRPM.

    The PRPM has financed itself in the past by trading illegally in cocaine and continues to do this as it does not receive any financing from the new government.

    The goal of the PRPM is to ensure that the Sabau never regain power, to resist all foreign influences and to ensure the completion of the party’s goals, which to complete the nationalization of all key industries and justice in the form of the prosecution of as many employees of Barrick gold as possible and former government sympathisers of the company.


    The Sabau are still very friendly to the US as they see the US as the only force able to prevent an ethnic cleansing against them. They have secretly gathered arms for the last several weeks and created their own militia (Sabau Militia) from their own population. They are well motivated and may have several hundred men, but have little to no experience and organization. They are limited to newer black market arms such as FN2000s and civilian vehicles.

    Their goal is to protect the Sabau population from the likely upcoming tribal war.

    The Sabau Militia is located in the same place where 90% of the Sabau are located, the South Eastern island of Tanoa, which is almost 100% Sabau and their traditional home island.

    The militia is currently mainly situated in the southern jungles of the island and actively resisting the Tanoan Army, as they fear that once the Army has total control the island, there will be little stopping the PRPM from massacring the Sabau other than the Army turning a blind eye on the PRPM’s actions.

    US forces are limited by presidential order to the US Army Ranger Zulu company, Alpha Platoon, callsign Dragon and supporting elements, including the LHD-9. ZA which will perform most of the direct action missions of this campaign.

    The LHD-9 is situated near the Sabau’s island in preparation for the defense of the Sabau. The LHD-9 also has an anti-air umbrella, which can sufficiently protect the LHD from the Tanoa Army’s Air Force.

    Campaign Objectives

    1. Protect and rescue US citizens
    2. Prevent ethnic cleansing, particularly of the Sabau as they are the most at risk
    3. Prevent open civil war and stabilize the country.


    Mission WARNORD


    Situation Time: 0600 hrs

    Weather: Light fog, 1Km Visibility, expected to clear

    US Army Ranger Zulu company, Alpha Platoon, callsign Dragon, has been deployed to Tonoa to prevent a humanitarian disaster and prevent open civil war and stabilize the country.

    (See campaign WARNORD for full situation description)

    In short. Tanoa was an Illiberal democracy ruled by the Sabau ethnic minority supported by US based Barrick Gold mining companies.  Last week the People’s Republic Party (PRP) with their military wing, PRP Militia (PRPM), and support from the Tanoan Army, overthrew the Sabau government.

    The leader of PRP, Taito Sitiven, wants nationalize the mining industry but other ethnic groups who bears grudges towards the Sabau people, possibly want to “cleanse” them from Tanoa. It seems Tatio is already losing control of his parties and Tanoa might be facing a full out civil war and possible genocide. Most of the Sabua people are situated on the South Eastern island, and have formed a local militia to defend themselves. The Tanoan Army has moved a company into the area to secure the Saint-George Airbase, but has show aggression to the Sabau militia and have started pushing south towards the Sabau traditional villages .

    To help stabilize the region. Dragon will take control of the Saint-George Airbase in Lijnthaven and deal with any threats in the area. Once the airbase has been secured, Dragon will move up North to, Harcourt. Securing the only bridge that leads from the main island to Lijnhaven. Thus stopping the Tanoan Army to enter the area on foot or with vehicles and securing the Sabua homeland from PRPM aggression and creating a base of operation.


    A. Enemy Forces: Elements of the 1st motorized infantry company of the Tanoan Army is deployed on the Sabau island and is currently engaged with Sabau militia. Other elements of the company may reinforce the forces on the island from the North in reaction to our mission, but are expected to take a while to respond


    B. Friendly Forces: Friendly forces are stationed on the LHD-9, several KM South of the Sabau island

    1) Equipment: Standard NATO equipment at start.

    2) Surveillance: Micro UAV

    3) Ground Vehicles: 3 x RG35 (M2), 1 x Coyote, 2 x HMVVW (Trans), 2 x HMVVW (Med), 4 x HEMMT (Ammo, Repair, Fuel, Ressuply

    4) Fixed Wing: 1x AV-8B

    5) Rotary Wing: 1 x V-44 Vehicle Transport, 1x V-22 Infantry transport, 1x UH-80, 2x MH6-M, 4x Armed and 4x unarmed prowlers.

    6) Naval: Several Assault Boats

    Other friendly forces: Sabau militia on the southern peninsula of their island

    C. Civilian Presence: Locals consist of villagers and farmers. All are armed and due to their neutral nature they can be stopped for questioning but under no circumstances are they to be engaged.

    2. Mission

    1. Secure Saint-George Airbase
    2. Secure the bridge in the town of Harcourt.


    3. Execution

    1. Deploy from HLD-9 and establish at FOB at LZ-ALPHA that is secured by the Sabau militia
    2. Move to secure Saint-George Airbase
    3. Move to Harcourt and secure the the town.


    4. Service and Support




    ZA is responsible for their own medical requirements.

    5. Command and Signal

    Standard ZA radio protocols apply


    6. ROE

    Only fire if fired upon.

    Confirm Targets before engaging.


    Meta-Mission details:


    Tanoa  -> co@16_righteous_defense_v##

    Medical System:



    ZA July Arma 3 mod-line

    Special Requirements:


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