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Operation Resolute – Firestarter

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    Operation Resolute – Firestarter

    Campaign OPORD Here

    Scheduled for Sunday 21 April 2019

    Date\Time: 01:00L April 6th 2019

    Lighting: New Moon

    Weather: Clear

    AO Strategic Map

    OP Firestarter – AO


    A. Enemy Forces:

    1. Strategic

    Ground Forces: After their significant losses during OP Bump, the DPP have stood up a reserve motorized unit (3rd Infantry Plt) and stationed a Squad at both Lohoholo (059-059) and Kambani (048-073) as North and South QRF’s respectively for the entire Eastern Island. The 1st Mortar Sq has been redeployed to protect the 1st Flotilla at (071-053).

    Anti-Air\Naval: They have also divided up their mobile ZU-23 Ural’s from the 4th Air Defence Section to protect the 1st Flotilla RHIB’s and Diesel reserves at a natural harbor (071-053) as well as seized civilian RHIB’s and Diesel reserves at the Northern fishing waters off Lalomo (045-102). With enough time the DPP will be able to refit and re-purpose these civilian RHIB’s to replace their Naval power and maintain dominance over the coastal waters. We believe the last three armed RHIB’s are being held as a QRF in the event Seliu is attacked directly.

    Air: The DPP High Command seem to have deemed it to risky to leave their two remaining helicopters on the mainland, and have instead refitted the airframes as a troop carrier\gunship QRF combination using the 10th SOF’s manpower and well defended base. This Air QRF would be expected as the first reaction to any amphibious assault attempt by the CDP on the Eastern Island due to their speed and armament.

    2. Tactical

    A. Based off Dragon 4’s surveillance from Liat, they have noted that enemy RHIB gunners have been provided scarce NVG’s to aid them in spotting and engaging Blufor\Greenfor naval units.
    It is suspected that these NVG’s come from the 10th SOF stock. Other DPP units appear at best to be equipped with weapon-mounted flashlights.

    B. A Manpad has been spotted at the 10th SOF Base.

    C. Hydrographic survey shows that objective 2 has a very shallow harbor, making SDV insert right up to the objective somewhat difficult.


    B. Friendly Forces:

    1. Zulu-Alpha: Split between Monyet Airfield and Patrol Base Liat for both surveillance and operation flexibility.

    Dragon 0(CO)\2\4\5(PM) – Patrol Base Liat (079-012)

    Dragon 0(2IC\ENG)\1\3\5(CMT) – Monyet Airfield (011-026)

    2. CDP: Western Island. Currently combat ineffective due to casualties suffered in OP Bump.

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment + Wetworks.

    2) Surveillance: 1x Micro UAV

    3) Ground Vehicles: None

    4) Fixed Wing:

    A. Monyet Airfield – 1xC-47 Skytrain, 1xCessna TTX

    5) Rotary Wing:

    A. Monyet Airfield – 1xMI-8 (pilotable), 1xMHL-60 DAP (Alive-Requires Android Device)

    6) Naval:

    A. Monyet Airfield – 1xCRRC, 1xSpeedboat (M2 HMG)

    B. Liat Patrol Base – 1xCRRC, 1xSpeedboat (M2 HMG), 1xSDV

    C. Civilian Presence: Civilians are likely to be friendly to U.S involvement. The towns and villages are populated with them.

    2. Mission

    Secondary Objective 1 – Moholo – Destroy RHIB’s and Diesel Tank

    Objective 1 – Lalomo – Map
    Objective 1 – Lalomo – South Facing
    Objective 1 – Lalomo – FLIR – South Facing

    Secondary Objective 2 – 1st Flotilla Harbor – Destroy RHIB’s and Diesel Tank

    Target 2 - 1st Flotilla Harbor- Map
    Objective 2 – 1st Flotilla Harbor- Map
    Objective 2 – 1st Flotilla Harbor – North Facing
    Objective 2 – 1st Flotilla Harbor – FLIR – West Facing

    Primary Objective – Seliu – Rescue Civilian Prisoners

    Objective 3 – Seliu – Map – 1
    Objective 3 – Seliu – Map – 2


    Company Commander: “We have the DPP on high-alert scambling to both cover their mission critical assets and react to CDP attacks”

    1. Secondary Objective 1 – Destroy Civilian RHIB’s and diesel tank at the Lalomo village pier to attract 1st Aviation QRF away from Seliu.
    2. Secondary Objective 2 – Destroy the three 1st Flotilla Naval QRF RHIB’s and diesel tank at the 1st Flotilla Harbor.
    3. Primary Objective – Assault Seliu Island, rescue the Four civilian prisoners and transport  them back to Monyet Airfield.

    3. General Instructions

    By destroying Opfor assets at Lalomo and the 1st Flotilla harbor, we will draw both the enemy Air QRF from Seliu along with half of it’s SOF contingent while also destroying the Naval QRF assigned to respond to assaults on Seliu.

    It is recommended that the first two objectives be accomplished simultaneously so as to contribute to the success of the last main objective.

    4. Specific Instructions

    Meta-Mission details:
    Pulau -> co@12_Resolute Initiation_v1.#.#one

    Medical System:
    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy

    Special Mods:

    Special Requirements:

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