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    The islands of Pulau is situated in the Malay Archipelago, off the coast of the Philippines, but is an independent military dictatorship. It is made up of 2 large islands and approximately 12 smaller islands (depending on the definition of an island used).
    It has a tropical maritime climate that is usually hot and humid and shares the seasons of the Philippines.
    It has been inhabited on and off for several thousand years and as a result, there are numerous ancient ruins.
    During WW2 it was occupied and fortified by the Japanese, but was abandoned by the end of the war.
    In recent decades the population of the island has surged, primarily due to the economic growth of the island, mainly due to the island’s fishing, agriculture and tourism trades.
    Its capital is Loholoho, on the Eastern Island.


    The island has approximately 5000 inhabitants based on the most recent 2013 census.
    There are 2 main ethnic groups.
    The first one is the Ivacanong, which makes up approximately 21% of the population and controls most of the island’s wealth and the government and provides the bulk of the island’s recruits for the military. The Ivacanong is majority Catholic and of Filipino descent.
    The second ethnic group is the Dayaban, which makes up approximately 71% of the population. They are majority Muslim and are of Malaysian descent. They have their rights suppressed by the government as they are seen by it as culturally subversive and invasive.
    The remaining 8% of the population is made up of other Malaysian and Filipino ethnic groups and Chinese and Japanese descendants.


    The only official party is the Democratic People’s Party (DPP), headed by General Rafi Guinto Dumlao. The main goals of the party is continued economic growth and national unity and stability. To aid in economic growth, they are seeking foreign investment, mainly from China and have taken out several small loans to purchase military equipment and bolster the size of their military. General Rafi Guinto Dumlao is particularly friendly to the Chinese and wishes to tighten relations with them in the future.

    Since WW2 the island has been ignored and of little geostrategic relevance, however, in recent years their importance has grown due to China’s attempted dominance of the South China Sea by manufacturing and occupying islands in the Sea. This has resulted in China reciprocating friendly gestures with the Pulau government and has expressed interest in situating a military base on one of the main islands in order to project power dominance in the South Eastern part of the South China Sea. One of the conditions of such an arrangement is political stability.

    The Citizen’s Democratic Party (CDP), run by Ghani bin Hafizul, represents the underrepresented and marginalized Dayaban majority.

    1. Situation

    In recent months, due to the complete lack of access to the government, the CDP arranged a blockade of government employees in the town of Jaya on the Western island as a show of defiance and inspiration for the Dayaban. In response, the DPP deployed the 2nd Infantry Platoon to the town and after a confusing chain of events, they burned it to the ground, likely due to a lack of training for riot control and civil disobedience. A large number of Dayaban civilians where killed as a result of this and the event was covered by the foreign press. In reaction to this, the CDP has urged for international support and involvement for the ousting of the DPP government. The CDP’s military wing, which has existed for many years in a very limited capacity has also seen a surge of volunteers.

    The DPP’s strategy for dealing with this recent chain of events is to further suppress political descent, mainly by snatching prominent figures of the opposition in the middle of the night and detaining them in unknown locations. Ghani bin Hafizul has gone into hiding to avoid this. As a result of all of this, the Chinese Communist Party has decided not to overtly support the DPP in order to maintain it’s international image and not be seen as supporting an overly brutal regime and has instead decided to play a wait and see game.

    The U.S has identified an opportunity here to eliminate the long term risk of the island falling into Chinese hands, by unofficially backing the CDP in overthrowing the DPP government. If the U.S is revealed as enabling this, there will be a minimal negative impact on the U.S image due to the unfavourable view of the DPP and the Chinese, while likely becoming enraged, will unlikely become directly involved due to the close proximity of Pulau to the Philippines, a U.S ally. While the DPP is of majority Filipino descent, the Filipino government does not have any strong ties to the island and is far more concerned with Chinese encroachment and so would support the U.S action.

    On the other hand, no overt U.S military action, including naval or air strikes would be tolerated due to it being interpreted as the U.S going to war with a small island nation without provocation, so the situation calls for a small U.S force to clandestinely insert, arm, train and support the CDP and due to the small size of this force, they should also be able to get away with conducting attacks, as long as it is in support of a CDP effort. The unit that will be tasked with this mission is Rangers, Zulu Company, Alpha Platoon.

    1.a Enemy

    The OPFOR is made up of the DPP military, headed by General Rafi Guinto Dumlao, which is around 300 men, not counting reserve units that may be activated after taking sustained losses. They have a mechanized infantry company, several helicopters, a small flotilla of boats, a support company with UAVs and air defence and a special forces section.
    They have adequate training for their roles and are equipped with surplus military hardware procured from the Philippines and some Chinese hardware to fill in the gaps.
    They are generally well motivated, with a mixture of professional and conscripted men.
    Of particular concern is their SOF unit (10th SOF Sec) as they have the capacity to operate anywhere and at any time of day thanks to their NVGs and are able to effectively perform COIN operations.

    2nd Inf Plt after razing Jaya to the ground

    1.a.i ORBAT

    1st Infantry Company
    1st Infantry Company
    2nd Support Company
    2nd Support Company
    Remaining 3 units
    Remaining 3 units

    1.a.ii. Positions

    Enemy Positions
    Approximate Enemy Positions

    The most important island to the enemy is the Eastern island (Pulau Gurun). The political capital is Loholoho and their military headquarters is located at Gurun airfield, close to the capital. The largest concentration of their best forces is situated there. There is also a small port used as a harbour for their flotilla South East of the capital.
    The next most important military installation is their radar dome on the Western island (Pulau Monyet) near Monyet Airfield. That airfield is not used by the military and is poorly defended, however, it is in close proximity to the radar dome which is not.
    The 10th SOF Sec is based on the isolated Seliu island, where ISTAR suspects that political prisoners are also held.
    Currently, the DPP is mainly focused on suppressing insurrection on highly populated Eastern half of the Western island and have tasked the 2nd infantry platoon there.

    1.b. Friendly Forces

    The CDP has a military wing led by Ghani bin Hafizul. Currently, they have minimal equipment and training and are only numbered at several dozen men. They focus on performing light raiding and harassment of the DPP military.
    They do however have a potential pool of hundreds of recruits, mainly from the Dayaban majority, if they can receive the necessary weapons and training.
    They are focusing their efforts on the Western island, which is the most densely populated and farthest from the capital and has most of the Dayaban living there, so it has the largest recruitment pool and the most difficult for the DPP to defend.
    Direct contact has not yet been established with the CDP command, however, it is expected that their current base of operations is somewhere in the South Eastern part of the Western island.
    Initially, the U.S.S liberty will be the base of operations for Zulu-Alpha, which has been diverted from Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea

    CDP Officer briefing his troops.

    2. Mission

    With Immediate effect, Zulu-Alpha will arm, train and support the CDP and disrupt DPP operations, in order to eventually overthrow the pro-Chinese DPP regime and replace it with the CDP.

    3. Execution

    This operation (Operation Resolute) will be conducted in 3 phases:

    1. Phase 1 will be to establish contact with the CDP, establish a supply route for arms and equipment and begin training their forces.
    2. Phase 2 will be to enable and support a full uprising of the Western island, in order to secure the island as a base of operations for the CDP and as a staging area for the next phase
    3. Phase 3 will be to support the invasion of the Eastern island and the overthrowing of the seat of the DPP’s political power in the capital of Loholoho and the destruction of their military command at Gurun airfield.

    3.a Rules of Engagement

    Zulu-Alpha is to prioritize a supporting role for the CDP, so should only engage the DPP if they are attacked by them or if the DPP is disrupting the CDP. An attack against DPP assets is permitted if it directly supports a current CDP action.

    4. Administration & Logistics

    Zulu-Alpha will eventually have to be based somewhere on the Eastern island, however, the U.S.S Liberty will remain in proximity to the islands to provide a source of arms and equipment for the CDP and resupply for and medical assistance for Zulu-Alpha.

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