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    Situation Time: 17h30 hrs

    Weather: Clear, 3Km Visibility

    Following on from Operation Irish Love.

    Daesh have decided to move large parts of their operation to new facilities due to their locations being compromised by intelligence from the local population. This will include weapons and narcotics caches, as well as narcotics and explosive making equipment. The current cache locations are known, however the exact time for movement is not.

    Under normal circumstances we would leverage our CAS assets to assist in destroying these caches before being moved, but unfortunately the assets were lost during Operation Irish Love. Daesh have stepped up security and entrenched at the remaining compounds leading up to the move, making a direct assault of these compounds not recommended. We have leveraged our intelligence assets to narrow the transport time of the convoys to a window from 18h00 to 19h30.

    Their final destination is not known at this time, but we expect the convoys to move into the more secure regions to the North.

    ZA will mobilize to ambush/destroy as many of these caches/convoys as possible during the mission window.

    A series of messages were also intercepted between Daesh member and his family in the region. He has warned them that there will be retaliation on the local civilian population for their assistance to the West, and that they must leave the area immediately. We expect a motorized squad from the South-West to carry this out shortly before the first transport convoys depart as a distraction for local security forces.

    It will be left to the CO to decide how best to proceed. Primary mission is the destruction of the convoys and their cargo, however civilian casualties must be avoided at all costs.

    Intelligence also reports a garrison building north of the Waddie. Exercise extreme caution. Good Luck.



    Expected direction and routes of Daesh Revenge Squad
    Likely Crossing
    Likely Crossing Point for all 3 convoys




    A. Enemy Forces:

    Enemy forces consist of ISIS irregular troops carrying light to medium arms, including M4′s, AK47′s and RPK’s. Vehicle support may include techinicals and recovered light armour. ISIS troops are absorbed into the locals so it will be difficult to tell the difference between combatants and non-combatants.

    B. Friendly Forces:

    Friendly forces are stationed at FOB Dublin and will have access to standard loadouts, incl spray paint for building clearance.

    1) Aviation: 1 x MELB (Trans), 1 x MH60 (MEV), 1xUH 60 (Trans) 1 X CH47.

    2) Ground Vehicles: 3 x RG35 (M2), 1 x RG35 (GL), 2 x HMVVW (Trans), 2 x HMVVW (Med), 4 x HEMMT (Ammo, Repair, Fuel, Ressuply

    3) Boats:NA

    C. Civilian Presence:

    Locals consist of villagers and farmers. All are armed and due to their neutral nature they can be stopped for questioning but under no circumstances are they to be engaged.


    2. Mission

    Objective 1: Destroy the 3 caches (either at their compound or in transit) at Objectives McGinty, McPherson and McDonald.

    Objective 2: Protect the civilians in the designated areas surrounding the objective compounds.

    Main AO
    Satellite Image of Primary AO

    3. Execution

    The CO may proceed as they see fit.


    4. Service and Support


    1) Air: ZA has access to CH-47 Chinook for trasport.


    ZA is responsible for their own medical requirements have access to MH-60 MEV, and 2 x HMVVW (Med), own pilot required.

    5. Command and Signal

    Standard ZA radio protocols apply


    6. ROE

    Only fire if fired upon.

    Confirm Targets before engaging.

    CAS should not directly engage compounds,unless it has been cleared..


    Meta-Mission details:


    FATA  -> co@25_Irish_Luck_V##.PRFATA

    Medical System:



    ZA June Arma 3 mod-line

    Special Requirements:



     The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.



    In as CO

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