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    Scheduled for Sunday 11 November 2018



    Situation Time: 06:00L

    Lighting: Dawn

    Weather: High visibility, partly cloudy

    Islamic State (IS) forces in the Iraqi region of Lythium in Iraq, has recently compiled a hit list of people of interest to them. This list was leaked to MI assets and some of the people on this list are U.S citizens or people important to the coalition.

    Command has tasked Zulu company, Alpha platoon with extracting 4 people from this list before IS forces can assassinate or abduct them.


    Objective Adams are 2 US Journalists who have spent a week at the village of Doran.

    Objective Adams
    Objective Adams

    Objective Boston is a captured IS warlord that is being held for interrogation in at the FOB in Limar.

    Objective Boston
    Objective Boston

    Objective Chicago is 3 Iraqi government officials visiting the town of Tunkuf.

    Objective Chicago
    Objective Chicago

    Objective Adams is a multi-national construction crew of 8 building an industrial complex in the mountains at the South West of Lythium

    Objective Denver
    Objective Denver


    A. Enemy Forces:

    Each person that you must extract is in a different area of Lythium, and each area has a different IS cell responsible for it. Each cell uses slightly different tactics, therefore don’t expect each encounter with the enemy at the different objectives to play out the same way.

    Not much is known about the cell responsible for Objective Adams, except that it is a newly forming cell, made up of new IS recruits and a veteran commander.

    The cell responsible for Objective Boston is particularly aggressive as they have been known to have a bias for attack and is made up infantry with small arms.

    The cell responsible for Objective Chicago is a cell that is a motorized one that makes use of their motorized vehicles in the attack.

    The cell responsible for Objective Denver is the oldest and largest cell, who have heavy weapons such as ZSU-23s, DShKMs and mortars. It is not expected that they can employ some of these assets in an attack however due to the mountainous area and their lack of vehicles.

    None of these cells has launched hostile action against any of the persons on your list yet, so speed in execution may keep it that way.


    B. Friendly Forces:

    Zulu-Alpha is stationed at their FOB in Kalae Noowi

    A reinforced squad with multiple M2 brownings at the FOB for Objective Boston

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment.

    2) Surveillance: Micro UAV

    3) Ground Vehicles: 2x Polaris DAGOR (XM312), 1x Polaris DAGOR (Mini-Spike AT),1x UGV Stomper RCWS

    4) Fixed Wing: 1x A10C, 1x MV-22B Osprey

    5) Rotary Wing: 1x MH60L DAP (4 Pylons), 1x UH60M MEV, 1x CH-47 (VIV)

    6) Naval: None

    Other friendly forces: None

    C. Civilian Presence: There is a small number of civilians at Objectives Adams, Boston and Chicago. They are expected to remain neutral.

    2. Mission

    1. Extract the 2 journalists at Objective Adams to your FOB in Kalae Noowi
    2. Extract the prisoner at Objective Boston to your FOB in Kalae Noowi
    3. Extract the 3 government officials at Objective Chicago back to your FOB in Kalae Noowi
    4. Extract the 8 construction workers at Objective Denver back to your FOB in Kalae Noowi

    3. Execution

    1. We have no contact with them the journalists of Objective Adams, so we don’t know where in the village they are.
      1. Objective Adams AO
        Objective Adams AO
    2. The prisoner at Objective Boston being held in the prison cell at the NW corner of the FOB at Limar. That FOB is guarded by a squad of the Iraqi Ground Forces (IGF).
      1. Objective Boston AO
        Objective Boston AO
    3. The 3 Iraqi government officials have been notified that their lives are in danger and are currently staying in the building marked by a red dot in this WARNORD.
      1. Objective Chicago AO
        Objective Chicago AO
    4. The construction site is not marked on the map as its a new construction and the workers are not aware of the threat on their lives, so will be spread out throughout the construction site.
      1. Objective Chicago AO
        Objective Chicago AO


    4. Service and Support




    Medical facility at the FOB


    ZA Handles Logistics internally. Logistical trucks stationed at starting FOB.

    5. Command and Signal





    Meta-Mission details:


    Lythium -> co@12_Operation Grazer_v1.#.#

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:


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