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    Scheduled for Sunday the 13th of March



    Situation Time: 05:45 hrs

    Lighting: Half Moon, First light at 05:55 hrs

    Weather: Unlimited Visibility

    Operation Enduring Liberty has begun, an operation in which the province of FATA is to be liberated from the Taliban with the Northern Alliance leading the effort to do so. Coalition forces are to be light on the ground and will be in a primarily supporting and command role.



    A. Enemy Forces: The Taliban forces consist of approximately company level strength of irregular infantry supported by old soviet era armored vehicles like BRDMs, a few tanks such as T-55s, technicals and other motorized vehicles with mounted weapons such as truck mounted ZU-23s.

    The Taliban is located South of 08 Northing, have prepared defenses, are concentrated in the towns and have active patrols and camps in the region. The main focal points of their defenses are along MSR Rohan, particularly at OBJs Isengard and Mordor.

    They have access to a small amount of MANPADs and ATGMs left over from previous wars.




    B. Friendly Forces: Coalition forces involved in this attack are going to be 4th Ranger Battalion, Z company, A platoon (ZA) which will be para-dropped in to DZ-1. Vehicles and equipment was para dropped to the same DZ just prior to ZA’s drop.

    1) Equipment: Standard NATO equipment at start.

    2) Surveillance: Micro UAV

    3) Ground Vehicles: 4x HMMWV SOV (7 person capacity each)

    4) Fixed Wing: 1x A-10

    5) Rotary Wing: None

    6) Naval: 4x Speed Boats.

    Other friendly forces: The northern alliance is gathering at FUP-1 awaiting the arrival of Dragon there. They consist of the equivalent of a reinforced motorized infantry platoon, with a few BRDM-2s and truck mounted ZU-23s. The town at

    C. Civilian Presence: Civilians occupy all the towns in the AO and are in a heightened state, but still expected to be going about their normal business and should remain neutral. Note that they can appear similar Taliban, so coalition forces should check their fire.

    Northern Alliance
    Northern Alliance



    2. Mission

    Your primary objective is to take and hold OBJs Isengard and Mordor, with the intent to clear MSR Rohan to the center of FATA for Northern Alliance troops to stream into FATA.


    3. Execution

    1. Dragon elements will be dropped to DZ-1, must assemble at AP-1 and join the Northern alliance at FUP-1 to conduct the assault on the objectives.
    2. Achieve the mission any way the CO sees fit.



    4. Service and Support


    Reaper, as fixed wing CAS.


    ZA Handles medical support internally.


    There is no resupply available during the mission.


    5. Command and Signal

    Dragon (40Mhz) – Zulu-Alpha Infantry platoon

    Reaper (30MHz) – Fixed wing CAS (A-10)


    Meta-Mission details:


    fata -> co@16_Op Seraphim_v##

    Medical System:

    Standard ACE Medical with Revive and standard re-spawn policy

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:

    Require CO slot occupied so that Northern Alliance can be commanded by CO with Arma’s High Command System (CTRL+Space)

    HC Required.

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