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    Scheduled for Sunday 26 January 2020


    Situation Time: 16:30PM

    Lighting: Early Dusk, Sunset 18:45pm

    Weather: Clear

    Terrain: Relatively flat with pockets of micro-terrain movements. With stretches of a medium-density jungle for several kilometres. Terrain remains 70% arid desert and several rocks.

    The month that passed has seen the US established a Main Base located at the airfield. Albeit Zulu-Alpha successfully defended the base a few weeks ago, has now made the minor improvements, a second FOB called Crumple and secured the supply line for future operations. Now HQ wants to create a buffer zone between the US and the enemy. Gain of distance between us and them.


    HQ wants to clears the Jungle South of the villages and towns and destroy any weapons caches found in the fields, buildings and in the dense jungle. It’s however uncharted turf and Intel cautioned that the enemy might cover these vast open areas effectively and even mine them.

    The enemy cells recently encountered by the US were thought to be the local insurgents but was mere separate cells from Islamic state. The insurgents have vowed continued fighting and recruiting to commence in the coming weeks.

    A. Enemy Forces: Islamic State scattered throughout the AO.

    B. Friendly Forces:

    Zulu-Alpha is on situated at the FOB Crumple, Badger, Reaper and Ghostrider is at Main Base.

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment.

    2) Surveillance: AR-2 Darter

    3) Ground Vehicles: 2x M2 Bradley’s, 4 HUMVEE (unarmed) – 2 at FOB 2x at Main base).

    4) Fixed Wing: A10D

    5) Rotary Wing: AH64 Apache

    6) Naval: None

    Other friendly forces: None

    C. Civilian Presence: Evacuated from All towns and around the Airfield.

    2. Mission

    1. Destroy Cache’s throughout the AO.
    2. Investigate all 5 possible objectives.

    3. General Instructions


    4. Specific Instructions


    Meta-Mission details:


    Kujari-> co@12_Operation Crumple_v1.#.#

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy.

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:


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