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    Scheduled for Sunday 16 February 2020


    Situation Time: 15:00L
    Lighting: Afternoon
    Weather: Partly cloudy, unlimited visibility.

    The Al-Shabaab cell in the Western Kujari region is being trained by 3 Al-Qaeda advisors, whose positions MI has determined. CENTCOM has cleared a capture or kill mission on them while we have this window of opportunity. The catch is that Al-Shabaab activity in the area is strong and the US does not have a lot of support outside of the Ghostrider helicopter unit attached to Zulu-Alpha, but this operation is possible because the advisors are spread out and vulnerable, however, they could retreat to the fortified town of Samari if they sense danger.


    A. Enemy Forces:
    Enemy forces are Al-Shabaab, who are concentrated in Western Kajuri (large red oval), with approximately a squad-level strength in each of the towns on average, with light patrols in the countryside, and squads hiding out in the forests along with technicals. The exception is the town of Samari (marked with an emphasized red circle), which has been heavily fortified with multiple ZU-23s and DShKMs in prepared positions, along with mortar and possible armour support.


    The three Al-Qaeda advisors have their locations narrowed down to the towns of Mimi, Ari Boudoumiri (small red circles marked on the map), and the final advisor is in the marked building in the town of Mawan Aridi. Their names are Abdul-Latif Khalili, Ismail Bakhtari and Basharat Gailani respectively, with only the latter having a recent image taken of him in the marked building only a few hours ago.

    Basharat Gailani
    Basharat Gailani

    They are all expected to be wearing black in order to distinguish themselves and have at least one Al-Qaeda bodyguard each. They should good quality escape vehicles near their buildings, usually parked under trees (as seen in the picture). The advisors are not expecting any attack.

    B. Friendly Forces:
    Zulu-Alpha is located in Marwey airfield to the North East, along with Ghostrider and 2 Polaris DAGORs.

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment, including suppressors.

    2) Surveillance: Micro UAV.

    3) Ground Vehicles: 2x Polaris DAGOR (XM312), 3x MTVR supports (Ammo, Refuel, Repair).

    4) Fixed Wing: None

    5) Rotary Wing: 1x MH60L DAP [4 Pylons], 1x CH-47 [VIV], 1x MH-6M MELB, 1x AH-6J

    6) Naval: None

    Other friendly forces: None

    C. Civilian Presence: Civilians attitude is generally unknown due to lack of historic interactions with the locals in the area.

    2. Mission

    1. Capture or kill with positive PID, the three Al-Qaeda advisors with minimal civilian and friendly casualties.

    3. General Instructions

    1. Avoid engaging the town of Samari
    2. Prevent the HVTs from escaping to the town of Samari.

    4. Specific Instructions


    Meta-Mission details:


    Kujari -> co@10_Operation Chalk Coral_v1.#.#

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy.

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:


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