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Operation Bolo Punch

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    Scheduled for Sunday 10 February 2019


    Situation Time: 04:00L

    Lighting: Full Moon, Dawn at 05:50, Sunrise at 06:35

    Weather: High visibility, partly cloudy

    Following the successful separatist movement of ethnic Russians on the island of Altis and a referendum which resulted in the annexation of Altis to Russia, the Russian Federation has landed the 67th Guards Motorized Rifle Battalion on the island. International observers have condemned both the tactics used and Russian involvement and the dubious results of the referendum, thus giving weight to making this an illegal invasion.

    A NATO task force led by the USS Liberty and Khe Sanh has successfully landed the USMC 2nd Tank Battalion (Iron Horse) onto the Southern Peninsula of Altis in a surprise landing, however they advance has been halted on the land bridge to the rest of Altis, which has been heavily mined and obstructed and to make matters worse is under regular bombardment by Russian multiple-rocket artillery (BM-21).

    Mine Field
    Mine Field

    A substantial air defence umbrella has been set up by the Russians at the centre of which, is an SA-20 system guarding the Russian Artillery.

    BM 21 Firing
    BM 21 Firing

    Command has ordered Zulu-Alpha to find and destroy the Russian BM-21 battery delaying 2nd Battalion’s advance and destroying the SA-20 system hindering air cover.

    A. Enemy Forces:

    An artillery battery belonging to the 67th Guards Motorized Rifle Battalion of 4 to 6 BM-21’s is believed to be operating in your mission AO, West of the minefield, around the mountain of Agios Panagiotis. They’re SOP has them operating a mix of both well concealed and mobile launchers.

    BM 21
    BM 21

    EW aircraft has determined that the SA-20 system is operational in the same area, along with 2 to 3 Tunguskas providing closer range air defence mix with the SA-20. An SA-20 battery has a single Radar, that when disabled will also disable the several launchers slaved to it. Trailer trucks will also be nearby, however, they are not important to destroy.

    SA 20
    SA 20

    The enemy is not expecting an attack in that area, so only rear guard infantry is deployed to support and protect the air defence and artillery, however, they are on high alert and will likely patrol the entire area. Enemy infantry is equipped with small arms, Iglas and only a few of them will have NVGs.

    B. Friendly Forces:

    The 2nd Tank Battalion has a tank platoon and several mechanized sections overwatching the mined land bridge. Their engineering team, callsign Sledge, is attempting to clear the minefield and barricades and have set up a bunker nearby that they can take cover in whenever enemy rounds fall near them. They are in direct radio communication with Dragon’0 and 4, so will be able to be warned without delay when enemy rounds are incoming and when it’s clear to resume their work.

    Mine Field Areial View
    Mine Field Aerial View

    The USS Liberty – information with the USS Khe Sanh – is where Zulu-Alpha is stationed, along with a Kighthawk and 2 Speed boats available for use. The Liberty’s gun and cruise missiles are also at Zulu-Alpha’s disposal. The USS Freedom is several KM further out at sea, where an F/A-181 (callsign Reaper) is tasked with providing CAS for Zulu-Alpha

    Liberty and Khe Sanh
    Liberty and Khe Sanh

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment.

    2) Surveillance: 1x Micro UAV

    3) Ground Vehicles: None

    4) Fixed Wing: 1x F/A-181 configured with GBUs and CBUs

    5) Rotary Wing: 1x MH-60S Knighthawk (ESSS x4)

    6) Naval: 2x Speedboad Minigun

    Other friendly forces: Sledge, awaiting continuous intel on when rounds are incoming.

    C. Civilian Presence: Civilians have cleared the front lines, but if there are any encountered, they may either be Russian separatists or pro-Greek.

    2. Mission

    1. Enable Sledge to resume their work by providing warning and destroying the BM-21 battery.
    2. Destroy the SA-20 site

    3. Execution

    1. Insert onto the mainland
    2. Provide warning for Sledge whenever a BM-21 fires and let them know when it’s clear for them to resume their work.
    3. Find and destroy the BM-21 battery
    4. Find and destroy the SA-20 site
    AO Areial View
    AO Aerial View

    4. Service and Support


    U.S.S Liberty


    Medical facility in Town.


    ZA Handles Logistics internally.

    5. Command and Signal



    Ghost Rider




    Meta-Mission details:


    Altis -> co@14_Operation Bolo Punch_v1.#.#

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:

    Anyone can use the chat system to call in fire missions from the Liberty’s main gun (use `/liberty`)

    Anyone in Dragon’0 or 4 can tell Sledge to go to work or take cover from anywhere on the map using the action menu.

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