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    Scheduled for Sunday 7 June 2020


    Situation Time: 09:00L
    Lighting: Morning, cloudy
    Weather: Rain expected within the hour.

    Zulu-Alpha has been based at the FOB at Kalae Noowi hostpital for a purely defensive and humanitarian purpose, however ISIS has managed to swell discontent the city and they have been able to defeat the Iraqi Army in a recent battle which forced them to go onto the defensive.

    As a result, ISIS is marching on the city and it’s local cells have taken over much of it. The Air base to the West is still under Iraqi control and is a safe zone.

    Zulu-Alpha , performing a rear guard action, is now tasked with evacuating the last supplies and equipment to to the airbase to the West and into FOB Kalae Noowi.

    However, as part of a campaign of retribution, two translators who have worked with coalition forces have been kidnapped by ISIS and are being held at known locations in the city. Command would like them to be rescued as well.

    The two translators are Azim Sangeen and Aslan Tanwir


    A. Enemy Forces:

    IS has several roadblocks marked on the map that act as hard-points with HMGs and IEDs. There are several exceptionally well armed and armored technicals throughout the city. IS does also have a moderate presence spread out throughout the city.

    The Translators are expected to be guarded by a squad strength force at each building.

    B. Friendly Forces:
    Zulu-Alpha is located at the Kalaenowi Hostpital FOB in the Eastern end of the town. Ghostrider is located at FOB Kalae Noowi in the airbase. The RG-31 Mk5E M2 is at the Airbase FOB, as well as one of each of the support trucks (fuel, ammo and repair).

    Hospital FOB
    Hospital FOB

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment. Resupply crates are at the FOB in the airbase.

    2) Surveillance: 1x Micro UAV.

    3) Ground Vehicles: 1x HMMWV Ambulance, 1x MTVR, 1x HMMWVM1151 M2, 2x MTVR (Refuel), 2x MTVR (Ammo), 2x MTVR (Repair) 1x RG-31 Mk5E M2

    4) Fixed Wing: 1xMQ-9 Reaper

    5) Rotary Wing: 1x UH-60L DAP [4 Pylons]

    6) Naval: None

    Other friendly forces: Iraqi army guarding the Airbase

    C. Civilian Presence: Moderate. Hostile to coalition forces

    2. Mission

    1. Extract or destroy all vehicles and equipment to the Airbase FOB.
    2. Rescue the two translators

    3. General Instructions

    1. Leave the base with no useful equipment for IS to salvage.
    2. Avoid civilian casualties.
    3. Azim Sangeen and Aslan Tanwir will be easy to identify, as they have been reported to be naked and blind folded

    4. Specific Instructions

    1. None

    Meta-Mission details:


    Lythium-> co@12_Operation Big Movers_v1.#.#

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy. Re-spawn at hospital FOB

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:


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