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    Scheduled for Sunday the 12th of February 2017



    Situation Time: 04h30

    Lighting: Dark. First light at 05h00.

    Weather: Clear weather, high visibility.

    Operation Bald Eagle has been devised to liberate the local population of a militarized Taliban occupation in the region. The AO for this operation forms a vital artery of the local operation. The aptly named “Smugglers Pass” is used by the local militias to smuggle weapons, narcotics and soldiers throughout the surrounding territories. By cutting this vital supply line, we expect to drastically reduce their effectiveness in the area. To accomplish this, we are going to establish a new forward observation post at a strategic village, code-name Mullet.

    Target Village - FOB1

    Do not tread lightly soldier, for we are striking at the heart of the enemy, deep within enemy occupied territory. They will make us pay for every meter gained, and every minute it’s held. Fortunately we are bringing to bear the full might of the U.S.war machine. Several CAS assets are available for this operation.

    Remember, a key aspect of this operation is winning the trust of the local civilians so we can gather intel on other Taliban operations in the area.

    A. Enemy Forces: An unknown number of lightly armed militia infantry sporting Soviet Era weapons. Some vehicles fitted with MG’s have been spotted. No reports of armor or air threats, however these cannot be ruled out.

    B. Friendly Forces: None.

    1) Equipment: Standard NATO equipment at start.

    2) Surveillance: Personal/Backpack UAV

    3) Ground Vehicles: None at ZA’s disposal.

    4) Fixed Wing: 1 x AV8B CAS

    5) Rotary Wing: 1 x CH-49, 1 x UH-60 (MEV), 1 x UH-1Z (FFAR & Guns)

    6) Naval: None.

    Other friendly forces: None expected.

    C. Civilian Presence: Significant civilian presence. May be armed. Expected to be friendly. DO NOT ENGAGE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!


    2. Mission

    • Primary: Secure and hold forward observation post Mullet.
    • Secondary: Patrol the surrounding areas to identify and destroy any caches.

    3. Execution

    • Insert at LZ Baldy (046 053)
    • Establish FOB Mullet at the village at 038 045. (Entrenching tools are recommended as you will establish a permanent outpost).
    • Patrol the Smuggler’s Pass to identify and destroy existing caches. Ambush and destroy any smugglers.
    • FOB Mullet is going to be vital in the future of operations in the area, establishing it is crucial. Should the CO make the call to extract, this will be a major blow to our involvement in the area as well as the civilian’s belief in us.


    4. Service and Support



    1 x Repair HEMMT, 1 x Fuel HEMMT, 1 x Ammo HEMMT


    ZA Handles medical support internally. 1 x UH-60 MEV on station. Full medical facilities at base.


    ZA Handles logistical support internally.

    5. Command and Signal

    Dragon, Reaper, Ghostrider


    Meta-Mission details:


    Stratis-> co@16_Operation_Bald_Eagle_v#.#.#

    Medical System:

    Standard ACE Medical with Revive and standard re-spawn policy

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:


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