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    Hi Guys,
    Bought Arma 3 during last weekend’s special on Steam. I want to get into things ito multiplayer but I must say, it’s quite overwhelming in a sense. All I can see is a lot of servers, needing different mods, passwords, etc. How do I get to join in on all of this and also joining your clan on missions etc?
    I am quite busy at work, so my responses on any messages here could be a bit slow at times.




    You can join us as a complete noob, that’s not a problem. We have a getting started guide here:
    And we manage mods using steam collections. Here is a lite version for selection: which you can import into your Arma 3 Launcher.

    We are moving away from this forum completely and to our Discord channel. You can join it here and sign up for selection:

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