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    Scheduled for Sunday 29 March 2020


    Situation Time: 4 March 2020 at 18:00.

    Lighting: Dusk, low light with sunset at 18:40.

    Weather:  -25C, Overcast and foggy.


    Zulu Company, Alpha Platoon is stationed on the U.S.S Liberty and is being deployed late afternoon with WARNORD Cold Response 2020 Phase 2 from OPORD.

    Phase 2 requires the destruction of naval assets along the shoreline.  The new Russian LPD Ivan Rogov Class has been anchored in the harbour of one of the main cities in Chernarus Efektrozavodsk.  The vessel is currently being loaded with motorized and naval assets to be transported to Sevastopol.

    The primary purpose of Phase 2 is to conduct “critical exercise to exercise subtle amphibious capacities”.  This means practising how to master the transition between the coast and the shore by, for example, practising attacking a target undetected from water while distracting the ground forces to a simulations attack away from the main objective.

    Zulu Alpha is tasked to push up into the harbour and destroy the naval and motorized assets in the hull of the ship.  While a simultaneous attack should be run on the long-range cruise missile sites north of the main objective, Russian Ground Forces and reinforcements regularly patrol the harbour and city. They can be expected to have QRF incoming from different areas of defenced positions.


    The harbour is on the southern end of the map with the city of Efektrozavodsk to the north.  The sanctuary is protected with two large encampments which host the long-range cruise missiles as well as long-range bombs.  The Naval base houses a training area and barracks of some of the most well trained Spetznaz units.  The mountains to the north are low with good cover and visibility out towards the harbour.

    Overall area.
    The harbour AO and ornaments points.

    A. Enemy Forces:

    An influential Russian Ground Forces can be expected scattered along the coast.  OPFOR force has two long-range anti-ship cruise missile sites.  The camps may also include traps long some of the routes into the mainland.  The Spetznaz QRFs can be expected to arrive in GAZ Vodniks, Speedboats or a Mi-8MTV3.

    Regular patrols staff the ship spotted walking over the deck, and the naval base has guard posts and patrols all over the area.

    Russian Ground Forces.
    Anti-ship cruise missile camps north of the naval base.
    Naval and motorized assets in the hull.

    B. Friendly Forces:

    Zulu Company, Alpha Platoon is situated onboard the U.S.S Liberty.

    Dragon four has a whole selection of droned vehicles available.  If the secondary attack on land suffers severe casualties, a motorized reinforcement unit can be called in from the German Bundeswehr.

    1) Equipment: Standard equipment with 8x wetworks kits.

    2) Surveillance: 1x MQ-9 Reaper Unarmed, 1x Seafox (USV), 1x AR-2 Darter.

    3) Ground Vehicles: None.

    4) Fixed Wing: None.

    5) Rotary Wing: 1x UH60M.

    6) Naval: 2x RHIB (mk19), 2x SDV.

    7) Artillery: Mk45 Hammer.

    8) Friendly forces: 2x Motorized Sections and 4x Fire Teams of the German Bundeswehr.

    C. Civilian Presence: None.

    2. Mission

    1. Clear the Russian LPD Class Ivan Rogov.
    2. Assault coastline cruise missile sites.

    3. General Instructions

    Execute objective one and two at the same time.

    4. Specific Instructions


    Meta-Mission details:


    Chernarus_Winter -> co@16_ColdResponsePhase2_V1-0-0

    Medical System:

    Advanced ACE Medical and standard re-spawn policy.

    Special Mods:


    Special Requirements:


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