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    Operation Zenobia



    An important load of weapons from Syria, destined to feed the war in Takistan forced the West border of the country.

    The attack at the border was claimed by a Syrian guerrilla group calling themselves “Palmira’s Sons”. Their goal is currently unknown, we assume they traffic in weapons stolen to the Syrian regular army, in exchange for oil and rough diamonds.

    Our Intelligence has located the arms shipment en route to the capital, Zargabad, transported by two civilians trucks, they will reach teir destination within a few hours.

    The Task Force Aureliano is sent to locate and neutralize the loads before they are exchanged with local insurgents and with the disbanded former Takistan regular army. If they fail, this could cause an increase in the intensity of the guerrilla and a strong delay in the stabilization of the whole area ..

    Rules & Details

    Mission Duration:

    2h + 5 Mike (Deployment Time)

    Deployment Time:

    Five minutes in which the faction Task Force Aureliano can not leave the base.

    This phase will serve the Coalition faction of the “Palmyra’s Sons” to prepare their defenses and place[/color] TIFONEand ECHIDNA.

    This restriction does not apply for the DELTA team, which may go out of the base right at the beginning of the game.

    Premature end of the mission:
    The mission ends prematurely when the faction Task Force Aureliano is completely eliminated and when the goal Limiting Collateral Damage is failed (see below), or when TIFONE and ECHIDNA are both destroyed.


    Revive & ACE Medic System:

    Revive -2 (3 “lives”) for all players

    -Teleport to the JIP player disabled

    -480 Seconds lifetime

    -Only doctors can administer Epinephrine, Morphine, and First Aid

    The DELTA-team and the team SCIMITAR and the Spotter Team SABRE have medical skills.

    Restrictions on placement of TIFONE and ECHIDNA:

    Both trucks can be placed anywhere within Zargabad (red circle), the Coalition faction of the Palmyra’s Sons always knows the position of both, they are marked in map.

    If one of the two trucks come out of the red circle, at the end of a countdown of 60 seconds (warning), it will be labelled, and the location will be known by the faction Task Force Aureliano.

    Exceptions for Special Forces Deployment:

    The teams DELTA and SCIMITAR being special forces can deploy in a particular way.

    Through special action (accessible from the wheel, next to the spawn of these teams), you can select an insertion point, the operator will be teleported there. The option is available for the first 10 minutes of the game, and will disappear once used.

    DELTA: 6 possible points of access (WP)

    SCIMITAR: 24 possible access points (WP), you can also carry a vehicle using the same system.

    Service Points:

    Each Team (Independent Faction excluded), can generate a service point at the beginning of game (ammo crates, vehicles), each team will have its own SP.

    CAUTION: The SP will generate ONLY if the Team Leader will be selected at the beginning in the game lobby.

    WARNING: the SP team SCIMITAR will disappear once the whole team will be in the operating area.


    The DELTA team has the option to change the uniform (civilian clothes Takistani), the process is accessible by wheel (red option) and it takes about 20 seconds (black screen).

    The Sharpshooter of the SCIMITAR Team can wear the ghillie suit in the same way.

    WARNING: You cannot change uniform with a weapon on your shoulder or backpack.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: the FACTION CHAT (blue channel) is DISABLED, because the communications must be handled via radio or voice (ACRE on), so pay attention in placing markers on map!


    Objectives & Scores

    Objective Truck.

    “Palmira’s Sons” Coalition
    Defend TIFONE. 2 points for the defense of this truck, assigned at the end of the 2 hours of game, if the objective is not destroyed.

    Task Force Aureliano
    Destroy or o Recover ECHIDNA. 2 points for its capture, assigned once it is transported in the FOB. 1 point for its destruction.


    “Palmira’s Sons” Coalition

    Defend ECHIDNA. 2 points for the defense of this truck, assigned at the end of the 2 hours of game, if the objective is not destroyed.


    Limiting Collateral Damage:

    Task Force Aureliano

    Once inside Zargabad you should pay attention to the rules of engagement, the image and respect for the occupying NATO forces could be dangerously altered, with devastating consequence, if they are proved to cause civilian victimes. They are allowed a maximum of 5 civilian casualties, only those caused by Task Force Aureliano will be calculated. At the fifth victim the mission will end.
    “Palmira’s Sons” Coalition

    If the enemy does not succeed in limiting collateral damage you will be awarded 4 points. Subsequently, the mission will end and will begin the calculation of the final score.


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    Any possibility of us getting an intel map?

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    right .. we have 8 signups..   we might need two more.. come on guys…

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    Ill take part if im allowed

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