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    01: TRAINING VIDEOS: Patrol Structures


    We have a new training video series out. First up in the series is back to basics with ‘Patrol Structure’.
    New recruits – get familiar with these as they will be essential in your first training sessions!

    New vids will be released covering basic formations, movement, structures and working up to our training practices.




    Training led by: Phoenix

    Assisted by: Raven


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    Nice. Professionally done.

    Question. Missed the term for 2 sections and a HQ element.

    Are 1 up and 2 up formations used for “platoon”, or am I jumping the gun? :-)

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    at the moment we are running as follows:

    2 patrols form a section with the senior patrol leader doubling as section leader.

    Once alpha 1 and 2 filled we will have 2 sections plus romeo(support) and anvil(hq)

    so basically Zulu alpha is an understrength light infantry platoon or a special forces troop with attached support and hq element.

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    We called our 4 man teams, “sticks”. Was fairly “informal” as most sticks were troops of equal rank. Our sticks were mainly used for recce – monitoring kraals, access routes, waterholes and so on.

    A patrol/stick in ARMA however will always be at a disadvantage ito numbers and firepower. The AI is pretty damn accurate at distances of around 150m and less – with very fast reflexes. And carry the same or more firepower.

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    The super soldier skills of the enemy Ai is one of the reasons we “dumb them down” a bit,  as it increases the enjoyment factor, especially in ZA where when you dead you dead. It alleviates the irritation of dying in the first 15 minutes from a shot from half way across the map. from a guy your computer has not even drawn yet.

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