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We are replacing CUP with RHS

February 22, 2016 in Announcements, Mods

We have updated the main modline with the following CUP mods:

We are replacing RHS in order to achieve better compatibility with ACE and other Arma content and mods and achieve a more consistent, reliable and gameplay.

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February 14, 2016 in Announcements

We have switched from PlayWithSix (or Six) to Arma3Sync.

This gives us more control over our modline (as it lets us host our own repository), faster download speeds and a more stable platform

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Happy Holidays!

December 12, 2015 in Announcements, General

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End of year Sabbatical

November 17, 2015 in Announcements, General

There will be no official Zulu-Alpha events  between the 9th of December 2015 until 18th of January 2016.

There will still be unofficial games, so please hang around if you want to enjoy Arma with us during the Sabbatical then you are free to join!

The final official event will be the Training session on the 8th of December, which will be a general “Town Hall” where we will discuss the future of ZA.

The first official event after the sabbatical will be a Training event on the 19th of January, which will be a general assembly in which everyone is expected to attend.

The ZA HQ wishes you happy holidays!!!

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July 7, 2015 in Flash Message

We will be using the special server modline for tonight’s training in preparation for the ATC6 Campaign.

Make sure your modline is up to date