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Operation Bald Eagle

Scheduled for Sunday the 12th of February 2017

Operation Bald Eagle has been devised to liberate the local population of a militarized Taliban occupation in the region. The AO for this operation forms a vital artery of the local operation. The aptly named “Smugglers Pass” is used by the local militias to smuggle weapons, narcotics and soldiers throughout the surrounding territories. By cutting this vital supply line, we expect to drastically reduce their effectiveness in the area. To accomplish this, we are going to establish a new forward observation post at a strategic village, code-name Mullet.

Target Village - FOB1


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Operation Welcome Home

Scheduled for Sunday the 22nd of January 2017



Situation Time: 08h00

Lighting: Daytime

Weather: Clear weather, high visibility.

“Welcome back to the grind soldiers. After a month back home I trust you are refreshed and excited to be back in this dust bowl for your next rotation. Well, I have some bad news for you. The militias have returned to hiding in their caves, so we’re stuck playing security to a bunch of goat herders and hemp farmers. There is the odd IED, mortar or sniper, but the guerrilla’s know we have them with their tails between their legs, and direct confrontation hasn’t happened in weeks.

So, on to the briefing…. *ahem*


Welcome Home

Operation Exclusion Zone

OPERATION Exclusion Zone



Situation Time: 10h00 hrs

Weather: Cloudy and foggy, 500m Visibility, expected to clear

Recently there has been increased hostility and military activity in Russia following a deteriorating political situation between Russia and NATO. Some time last week Russian regular forces broke the cease-fire in the Crimean peninsula, and proceeded to move deeper into Ukrainian territory despite the NATO agreements in place. NATO, bound by a recent security accord, has no choice but to assist Ukraine in the invasion of her sovereign territories.


Zulu-Alpha was stationed in a military base near Pisky, providing training to Ukrainian drafts on behalf of NATO, while the bulk of the Ukrainian military forces are engaged in the Crimean Peninsula. While providing training, ZA only has access to basic weaponry and vehicles.

NATO intelligence has identified forces mobilizing through the Southern peninsula of Belarus (NE border of Ukraine). An advance element has crossed into Ukraine along the P56 (Main Road) and set up an outpost on the P56, near the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Significant enemy AAA defenses have been identified on the border, preventing the use of any air assets.


ZA, being the only capable NATO force in the immediate area, is tasked with the identification and destruction of this outpost at all cost. Thereafter, the main road is to be mined. This setback and defense will hopefully hold the main Russian assault force back long enough for a NATO blocking force to move into position between it and Kiev.


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Operation Irish Luck

Full WARNORD and Sign-Up

Daesh have decided to move large parts of their operation to new facilities due to their locations being compromised by intelligence from the local population. This will include weapons and narcotics caches, as well as narcotics and explosive making equipment. The current cache locations are known, however the exact time for movement is not.

ZA will mobilize to ambush/destroy as many of these caches/convoys as possible during the mission window.

Intelligence also reports a garrison building north of the Waddie. Exercise extreme caution. Good Luck.

Main AO