Op Righteous Thunder – WARNORD

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Scheduled for Sunday the 14th August



Situation Time: 06:00 hrs

Lighting: No Moon, Rolling Clouds, expected Thunderstorm at 1st light, (First light around 06:15 hrs)

Weather: Clear visibility at start, Fog expected during thunderstorms

After Zulu Alpha’s first encounter with the PRPM, concerns are growing about their strength, operational procedures and their drug trafficking and black market dealings in arms and explosives. We need to perform a balancing act in order to prevent further destabilizing the country and in order to do this we need to determine the full strength of the PRPM.

From what we have gathered from observations of their combat actions, the PRPM are not as organised as the Tanoan Army but are experts at guerrilla and jungle warfare. Therefore our best course of action is to avoid engaging them in the jungle.

Due to recent PRPM offensive in Georgetown and in other parts of the main Tanoan island and due to their losses against us, the Tanoan Army has pulled their forces back to main population centers and strategic assets, particularly the Blue Pearl industrial port,the Tanoan Airport, La Rochelle and George Town and away from the more dense jungles of the interior of the island.

The Tanoan Army has reaffirmed their desire for the secret ceasefire that was had in our last operation and does not want to risk accidental engagements with US forces such as in the last operation and has therefore asked that we avoid operating near their forces. Command also desires this ceasefire as the further weakening of the Tanoan Army contradicts our campaign objectives and command desires a shifting of focus onto the PRPM and as such also has ordered that we avoid operating near the Tanoan Army.


In accordance with our new priorities our objectives are now to maintain the balance the power of the major factions of Tanoa and to this end, Zulu Alpha has been tasked with the interdiction of PRPM drug trafficking and Arms trading.

The PRPM are currently manufacturing drugs and exporting it from the former local Tanoan Sugar Company complex at Tanouka. The cocaine fields there are fully grown and are ready to be harvested. Due to this urgency and the night time advantage given to us by the early morning, command has decided that the timing is appropriate for the action to occur immediately.