Op Enduring Liberty – WARNORD

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Scheduled for Sunday the 13th of March



Situation Time: 05:45 hrs

Lighting: Half Moon, First light at 05:55 hrs

Weather: Unlimited Visibility

Operation Enduring Liberty has begun, an operation in which the province of FATA is to be liberated from the Taliban with the Northern Alliance leading the effort to do so. Coalition forces are to be light on the ground and will be in a primarily supporting and command role.



A. Enemy Forces: The Taliban forces consist of approximately company level strength of irregular infantry supported by old soviet era armored vehicles like BRDMs, a few tanks such as T-55s, technicals and other motorized vehicles with mounted weapons such as truck mounted ZU-23s.

The Taliban is located South of 08 Northing, have prepared defenses, are concentrated in the towns and have active patrols and camps in the region. The main focal points of their defenses are along MSR Rohan, particularly at OBJs Isengard and Mordor.

They have access to a small amount of MANPADs and ATGMs left over from previous wars.